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Polyresin Selling Lead

We supply various of Poly resin  Fairy Figurine, Religious Crafts,Polyresin Sculpture, Hindu God Statues, Polyresin Nativity Sets,Christian Statues, Polyresin Catholic Crafts, Islamic Items, Polyresin Buddha statue,Christmas Gifts,Angel,Cherub,Bird House, Polyresin Bird Feeder,Garden Decoration,Polyresin Gnome Planter,elf figure, Polystone Solar Lamp, Polystone  Fairy, Dolphin, Sealife,Dog, Cock, Frog, Polyresin Tropical Fish,Polyresin Animal Statue,Photo Frame, Clock, Polystone Fridge Magnet, Money Box,Coin Bank, Polyresin Bobble Head doll, Pen Holder, Polyresin Candle Holder, Water Globe,Water Ball,Snow Dome, Polyresin Snowglobe, Polyresin Sport Trophy and Awards, Polyresin Oil Burner, Jewelry Box, Polyresin Music Box, Valentine Gifts,Halloween Gifts,Easter Items Christmas, Seasonal gifts etc. Hoping it could meet your requirement.

Sell aquarium ornament,aqua decoration

Item No:MPAQ10023

Sell aquarium cartoon

Item No:MPAQ10003

Sell Poly resin snow ball

Item No:MPSN0019


Sell Water ball,snow globe

Item No:MPSN0017


Sell  snow dome

Item No:MPAQ10024

Sell polystone snowball

Item No:MPAQ10003

Sell parrot on tree magnet

Item No:MPMA60026

Sell resin gardening decor turtle 

Item No:MPGR50038

Sell Valentines day gifts

Item No:MPHV50018

Sell Vegetable Fridge magnet

Item No:MPAM60032

Sell poly resin cow

Item No:MPMO80001

Sell resin garden birdfeeder

Item No:MPBI10016

Sell cock/hen decoration

Item No:MPAM10096

Sell polystone garden flower planter

Item No:MPGR50033

Sell flower pot and can

Item No:MPPL60086

Sell poly resin horse,pony

Item No:MPAM10035

Sell polyresin dog,dog figurine

Item No:MPD10066

Sell resin garden flower planter

Item No:MPPL60045

Sell polyresin hindu god

Item No:MPH10018

Sell resin fairy ring box

Item No:MPFA30063

Sell bobble head doll

Item No:MPDH10008

Sell polyresin religious figurine

Item No:MPC10023

Polyresin Garden Decoration & Ornament

We supply various of polyresin garden ornament & decoration, polyresin garden  planter, pots, birdhouse,  birdfeeder, garden turtle statue, cherub figurine, gnome, dwarf, elf figurine and so on, please contact us for more information of our products.

Polyresin Snow globe 

We supply various of polyresin  snow globe gifts & souvenir, custom designed glass water domes with poly resin inside and base for  the world  includes:  20th century architecture in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria,the Madara Horsemen, the Shipka Monument of Freedom, and Tzarevetz Fortress, Floral Clock and Skylon Tower. The Incline Railway, Rainbow Bridge and Minolta Tower circle the base. Great mushroom shaped glass globe,  the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, and other Roman holiday delights ring the base of the globe, Tourists descend on the nearby beach ect,  Custom designed snow domes are made of quality glass, we can customize the inside with any 3-D design.please contact us for more information of our products. And also we can make products per customers design, we welcome OEM business.

MPSN0016 MPSN0017

Polyresin Home Decor

We supply various of home decor, such as polyresin lamp, dresser, cross, vases, pots, statue, candle holder, photo frame, jewelry boxes and so on, please contact us for more information of our products.